B like…


Someone once said that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love. Whoever said this must explain this to me over a cup of coffee…

I guess they were right. Some battles are meant to be fought alone. Not even a close friend for years can help you get through dark times like this. “DARK”, I quote. HAHAHA. I guess they can help you in some ways or another but ultimately you move on and come out stronger than ever because you love yourself enough to walk away from those people and feelings that no longer make you happy.

But, how many times do we really have to say goodbye before we finally let go? How many times do we really have to let these people break our heart and say we’ve had enough? How many signs do we have to look before we realize we are reading it all wrong from the very start?Questions on a cold Friday morning… Creepy. I am scared of myself. HAHAHA

Pain my friend and a cup of brewed/bitter coffee for breakfast…what a combination. It’s the first time that Mcdo crew forgot to give me a creamer/sugar. So timely.

So there I was, literally struck between just finishing my coffee and just savor whatever bitterness it has to offer and/or I could always ask for a creamer and a sugar. Someone up there is obviously trying to tell me something. 

Again, some battles are meant to be fought alone but I could always bring some props. 🙂 Do you   know what and who your props are? 

TGIF, friends! 🙂



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